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Photo bombed by a cow!
Photo bombed by a Longhorn!

Photos from 2007
Ron & Barbara Marquess and Rex Mosser Welcome Dr. Michio Kaku to Ranch
With a film crew tracing his steps, Dr. Michio Kaku found his way to the Marquess Arrow Ranch, Ben Wheeler, TX, to meet with Rex Mosser, Midway, TX, and Ron and Barbara Marquess, Ben Wheeler, TX, about their scientifically bred cattle on Sunday May 27, 2007.

Dr. Kaku is a professor at the New York City University and wanted to see the scientifically bred cattle because he was interested in the effects of technology on cattle breeding and he wanted Ron Marquess to explain the process.

Marquess enjoyed talking with Dr. Kaku and said “It’s pretty neat to have a man so scientifically renowned show up at your ranch and ask what you’re up to.”

“He was fully aware of what we’re doing,” Marquess said. “You think you’re pretty well hidden out here in the country and a man with his knowledge knows what you’re doing and comes a’lookin’.”

Rex Mosser(Midway, TX) Dr. Michio Kaku & Ron Marquess(Ben Wheeler, TX)



Dr. Kaku is filming for 2057, a television series for the Discovery Channel and the BBC, and wanted to see the Marquess -Mosser collection of scientifically bred cattle. According to Barbara Marquess, Dr. Kaku was shocked by the amount of these special cattle. Dr. Kaku told the Marquess’ that the show should air sometime in September. See the 2057 Web site for more information about the show. See Dr. Kaku’s Web site for more information about his work.

Dr. Michio Kaku’s film crew interviewing Ron Marquess.


Dr. Michio Kaku and his film crew with Ron Marquess and Rex Mosser.

Australian Television Show Films Marquess Arrow Ranch and Fort Worth Herd

Robert Hagan, host of the Australian TV Show Robert Hagan’s A Splash of Colour, recently visited the Marquess Arrow Ranch in Ben Wheeler, TX, in search of the biggest and longest horned Texas Longhorns. Ron and Barbara Marquess were delighted to introduce him to the 2006 Horn Showcase Tip-to-Tip Champion Trophy Steer Watson 101.

Ron Marquess and Robert Hagan survey the Marquess Herd.


Robert Hagan enjoyed walking amongst the Marquess herd and took plenty of photos for his painting.
Hagan’s Cameraman and Director Barry Wale enjoyed the chance to film such a beautiful and interesting subject.

While at the ranch Hagan witnessed the “genetic goldmine” first hand as he walked among the Marquess herd. Hagan commented that the Longhorns were very gentle and allowed him to get close enough with his film crew to shoot footage for the show. He marveled at the different types of horn and the various color schemes on the hides. He commented that the Longhorn was a “special breed being kept by special people in a special way.”
Ron Marquess was pleased to inform Hagan about every aspect of his herd by showing him which sires mated with which dams to get a desired trait.



Cameraman and Director Barry Wale films 2006 Horn Showcase Tip-to-Tip Champion Trophy Steer Watson 101.

Hagan is also a talented painter, and set up his easel during the ranch visit to capture the beautiful color of the Marquess herd on canvas.

Ron and Barbara Marquess with Robert Hagan and his finished painting of the Marquess Longhorn herd.





Distinguished Cattle Expert Visits Marquess Arrow Ranch

On Tuesday, February 06, 2007, Dr. Temple Grandin paid a visit to the Marquess Arrow Ranch in Ben Wheeler, TX, to take a look at the Longhorn clones of Delta Darlene.

Dr. Grandin inspecting the Delta Darlene clones.

Barbara Marquess said, in an email to the E-Trails, that Dr. Grandin seemed pleased with the condition of the Delta Darlene clones. Dr. Grandin has done extensive work into the proper handling and care of livestock. She is currently a professor of animal science at Colorado State University and has designed numerous animal handling facilities in the United States, Mexico, Canada, Europe, New Zealand and Australia.

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